LORD; As I prepare for my tour of duty, I pray;

  AS I put on my shirt and pants, cover me with your protective hand and clothe me with integrity.

  AS I put on my shoes, guide my steps through the pitch black alleys and make me swift of foot when in pursuit of the fleeing felon. Help me always to walk in the path of truth.

  AS I place my hat on my head, give me the knowledge to make swift and correct decisions and the common sense to stay within the gray lines of the law.

  AS I place my gun on my side, help me to realize the grave responsibility that goes with it. Grant that I may never have to take another personís life, but should that day ever come, may it be in order to preserve life and never out of hatred.

  AS I place my shield over my heart help me to control my emotions under all circumstances, but never let my heart grow so cold so that I overlook the feelings of others.

  AND always keep within me a sense of humor Lord, for without humor there cannot be sanity.

  ONE LAST THING, LORD. When my tour of duty is up in this life, I ask that you save me a spot in your department in the life to come.