Ask this life-long buddy what BFOM means.

Nobody ever said we were sane.

My hat is off to you, Doug.

You served our country well.

A BFOM for you!


Sometimes it is nice to have a Harley. This duo makes it a whole lot nicer looking than I can!

Eat Your Hearts Out, Guys....

Say Hello To Shawn and Dana, boys! They be bad!


We do have some purty gals in our area. Not every woman up here is Amish! This little doll is just one example.

Hi, Amy!!!


For us old dudes who grew up listening to Jan and Dean, here is a photo for you. Jan and Dean did a local concert not long ago. I was lucky enough to be able to work security at the stage. Jan posed with me for this photo. His right arm was rendered inoperable after the infamous accident he suffered in California when Jan and Dean were at their top. Jan wrecked his Corvette and suffered severe injures, some of which effected his speech. The song, "Dead Man's Curve" was a result of his accident. Jan told me that he often posed with local police officers and took time out for this photo. By the way. Jan is a big guy and stands six feet two inches. I, by comparison, am a couple inches shorter.

Jan Berry passed away March 26,  2004

Dean Torrence was, sadly, not so accommodating. Dean avoided contact with the fans and after their concert Dean was nowhere to be found. Jan spent two hours signing autographs while Dean left the area and was not seen again that night.


Jan and...Me?

This little trouble maker is my resident Sock Thief and General Hellion. There've been times when I thought I should have gotten a cat instead, but  I always change my mind when she looks at me with those big, brown eyes and wags her stubby little tail. She owns me, lock, stock and barrel.

The Girls

Trouble Maker

These Gals are Best Friends. The one on the left is Miss Nosey

Alvis is a Lot Of Fun. He Likes Fireworks.

Miss Nosey thinks I have pictures of naked women on my web site. Not so, Miss Nosey.

Alvis Is The Neighborhood Trouble Maker

Goofy on a Harley

Erin eradicating mosquitos...

Pee in the cup


Eat Your Hearts Out

500 Feet

Safe landing







If any of you guys get any bright ideas about messin' with these here gals, grandma will most likely have somethin' to say about that!

Shoot First...Ask Questions Later

Don't Go Gettin' Grandma Upset...She Ain't Real Well Known For Her Sense Of Humor!