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"Its not that Liberals are stupid. Its just that they know so much that isn't so." Ronald Reagan 

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Indiana Police Officers...Serving With Pride and Integrity


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In Memory of Unit 101

 Sgt. Fred Eichorn

United States Navy, Vietnam. Silver Star.

April 26, 1947 - Dec. 4, 1996

Damn good Cop, loving father and caring friend!

We Miss You, Buddy.

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Please take a moment to be thankful for the men and women of law enforcement who give so much for so little pay. Spending a holiday, especially Christmas, in a squad car can be pretty lonely for the officer who would much rather be home with family. Police officers are people, too. They have wives, husbands, kids, mortgages, bills to pay and private lives to lead. Just like you.

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Before you criticize, castigate or denigrate Police Officers, why not  ride along with one?

Get a taste of the real world. See what life on the inside of the badge is all about.



Police Quote of the Day: "Just how big were those two beers?."

Tired of those lame email messages describing commentaries allegedly made by Robin Williams, Andy Rooney and others?  Before you  send these messages to everyone on your mailing list,  look at the Hoaxes sites below. It could save you from future embarrassment.

Look at www.thereligionofpeace.com if you think Muslims are our "friends".

Feel like a little virtual target practice? Grab a cup of java, turn off the TV, sit down

in front of your computer and take a few shots at Osama. Be careful, don't hit the hostage.